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SKINCARE SNOB CO.: Every Purchase, a Step Towards Women Empowerment.

A promising woman-led personal care brand that encourages women's empowerment through entrepreneurship while simultaneously offering skin tech solutions.

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Confident Women- Better World

SKINCARE SNOB CO. is a female-founded personal care brand that offers a variety of high-quality beauty tools and skincare devices for women of all ages. The brand's high-quality products ensure Good Skin, giving women a huge confidence boost. SKINCARE SNOB CO. aims to provide a collection that women can easily incorporate into their existing beauty regimen.

SKINCARE SNOB CO. was established to promote healthy, natural, and glowing skin. The feminocentric brand aims to empower women by allowing them to fully express themselves, experience high self-esteem, feel good about themselves, and indispensably define their own beauty standards.  

black owned beauty brands

Women have historically been the most common victims of socioeconomic violence. The disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on women and girls is a major source of concern. SKINCARE SNOB CO. is a socially conscious company that believes in not only supporting women through self-care and instilling confidence through the power of beauty, but also in assisting women and girls in overcoming financial, economic, physical, and emotional abuse, poverty, and low self-esteem so that they can achieve confidence through leadership. Every purchase made at SKINCARE SNOB CO. will help underprivileged women move from survival to prosperity. SKINCARE SNOB CO. will donate a portion of its sales to economic empowerment and financial security programs for women.

The donation will help many women start their own small businesses, help them develop a successful business strategy and a way to earn passive income to achieve financial independence. Women who want to make their own money, identify their own unique skills, talents, and abilities, and give back to their families and communities will be supported to start their own businesses.  

The Hydrate and Glow Hot Mist Face Steamer by SKINCARE SNOB CO. helps women distress, relax, and unwind while removing pollutants and dead skin cells from the skin. This all-in-one beautifying facial steaming device promotes skin moisturization and hydration. Also beneficial for improving skin conditions, regulating oil, removing blackheads, and wrinkles, among other skin issues. In the future, the beauty brand hopes to include a skincare line of natural and organic products.

"Our brand is exclusively for women," explained the founder of SKINCARE SNOB CO. Our brand's motto is "empowered women, empowered women." SKINCARE SNOB CO is a well-being project that is motivated by self-care, self-worth, and self-love. We focus on wellness, beauty, and skin-tech solutions to help women enhance their mental, emotional, and physical well-being. With SKINCARE SNOB CO, we hope to gradually but steadily bring about change."

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SKINCARE SNOB CO. is a cutting-edge personal care brand that incorporates traditional beauty principles into sophisticated beauty appliances. A portion of each sale will be contributed to assisting underprivileged women to start their own businesses. 

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